Third Coast Events, Inc. Trains Leaders, Grows Team

The leaders at Third Coast Events, Inc. are dedicated to enhancing their team members' leadership skills. The firm's director offered details on the firm's current hiring push.

​​Developing leadership abilities has always been a point of emphasis for the leaders at Third Coast Events, Inc. According to Dana, the company’s director, “We want to produce innovative thinkers who can lead their teams to success. Just as we want our company’s name to be linked with progressive and dynamic promotions, we want our team members to confidently lead into a bright future.”

Leadership training begins early at Third Coast Events, Inc. Dana explained, “When we bring a new team member on board, we analyze his or her strengths and leadership potential. We evaluate candidates for attributes such as emotional intelligence and creativity. After they join us, we challenge them with increased responsibility. We do this by pairing them with experienced team members who can show them the ropes with one-to-one training. Even if they come up short, they learn valuable lessons while they build their leadership credentials.”

Another way company leaders develop leadership acumen is by rotating team members’ roles. Dana remarked, “I think it’s instructive to put people in unfamiliar roles from time to time. When a person understands more about how other departments get things done, he or she obtains a better understanding of a company’s overall mission. At Third Coast Events, Inc., we are constantly looking for ways to broaden our associates’ horizons. Allowing associates to experience other work roles is the best way to do so.”

The director also believes it’s essential to encourage creativity when developing leadership skills. “There’s no one way to lead,” she remarked. “When you give your people license to adapt and innovate solutions to tough problems, they become stronger leaders at an accelerated pace.”

Third Coast Events, Inc. Seeks New Talent

“Our firm is poised for expansion into new markets,” the director commented. “We have the advantage of an exceptional team of top performers here at Third Coast Events, Inc., but we know we will need to add even more talent to transform our aggressive goals into reality. As we consider new additions, we will be looking to identify candidates with a real passion for the industry and a desire to learn and improve.”

Dana believes Third Coast Events, Inc. is the best place for ambitious professionals to make an impact on the business world. “Our devotion to leadership training is enough to make our firm stand out for jobseekers,” she concluded. “We are serious about maximizing leadership potential. I think that’s why we continue to attract the best candidates.”

About Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events is an innovative marketing and consulting services firm. Focused on events-based marketing, the firm has created a notable track record of successful campaigns that leverage a personal touch often lacking in other marketing channels. By emphasizing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Third Coast Events creates a mutually beneficial situation for its clients and their customers. This approach has empowered a broad portfolio of brands to achieve maximum market saturation and to enter new, lucrative markets.