Third Coast Events, Inc. Recognizes the Benefits of Travel

The director of Third Coast Events, Inc. outlined the various travel opportunities that the firm offers to its associates. She also discussed some surprising positives of business travel.

Company leaders at Third Coast Events, Inc. believe that venturing away from the office is good for busy professionals. “There are so many arguments that favor team travel experiences,” stated Dana, the firm’s director. “Along with giving professionals many learning and networking opportunities, traveling also gives them a fresh perspective on their work. It’s helpful to get some distance between yourself and ongoing projects, especially if things aren’t going as well as planned.”

Dana and the rest of the Third Coast Events, Inc. executive team provide their associates with a range of travel incentives. She explained, “We attend industry conferences on a regular basis, as well as educational seminars and other developmental events. Our people also have the chance to earn trips to exotic locales for corporate retreats. When we put an exciting getaway on the line, our team members’ enthusiasm goes through the roof.”

The team will soon be heading off for their annual rest and relaxation retreat. “Our associates are currently working hard for the privilege of attending this event,” Dana added. “It’s always a good time, and we manage to learn a lot while getting plenty of sun and exploring our surroundings. I can’t wait to announce who is coming along!”

Third Coast Events, Inc.’s Director Highlights Overlooked Advantages of Business Travel


There are some underrated positives that emerge from team travel, and Dana notes them when preparing the Third Coast Events, Inc. team for an excursion. She remarked, “One of the first things that I tell my team members, no matter where we’re going, is to enjoy everything that a new place has to offer. Whether you are into museums or fine restaurants, you should carve out time during a business trip to take in the unique elements of the location that you are visiting.”

Things also have a way of going off course when traveling, which Dana views as a stealth benefit. “You need to be able to adapt to unexpected developments in the business world,” she said. “The same is true of business travel. I always remind my people to keep their spirits up when flights get delayed or luggage is lost. If you can stay calm and navigate through these issues, you will boost your ability to overcome obstacles on the job.”

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