Third Coast Events, Inc. Focuses on Great Customer Service

A representative of Third Coast Events, Inc. detailed the company's intent to promote great customer service and appreciation, and the benefits of both to the team.

Third Coast Events, Inc.’s leadership is promoting a renewed focus on customer service, according to the company’s director, Dana. “We are always aware of the need to invent and grow with the times,” she said. “That doesn’t always mean doing something new, however. Sometimes it’s a matter of setting goals to renew or improve an already existing part.” Customer appreciation and service are those parts for Third Coast Events, Inc.

Dana explained that this focus will be applied in ongoing team enhancement. “We will give reminders of the benefits of ideal customer appreciation, and the methods associated with offering the best possible service.”

The company’s management believes making a customer experience surprising and positive at every turn will result in a rise in returns. “We want to do more than retain their business,” said Dana. “We want them to become our fans and refer us to everyone they know.”

Third Coast Events, Inc. Teaches Customer Service by Emphasizing the Little Details

“We will be emphasizing all the details of customer service, even the seemingly small ones,” Dana said of Third Coast Events, Inc.’s initiative. “It is too easy to assume you know what a customer requires. Our team members must remember to ask for input, and listen to, and benefit from, what the consumer has to say about what he or she wants from our firm.”

Customer appreciation goes beyond thanks and gifting. “Gifts are nice,” Dana continued. “Customers would much rather have constant, reliable service than discounts or grand gestures. It is more important that our team members show their appreciation by being readily available, offering the absolute best options, and being prompt in service.”

The intent is to enhance a customer’s experience by improving in an area that is commonly neglected in a world consumed with technology. “It is as important to personalize the consumer’s experience as it is to have the most recent technology,” Dana said. “There is a difference between a personalized e-mail or phone call, and a mass e-mail or letter. Customers miss these things after so long on mobile devices.”

Third Coast Events, Inc.’s goal is to create impressive customer experiences by remembering the little things. Dana concluded, “Taking the time to remember what the person needs, and not merely the bottom line, is a key to creating client loyalty that makes both a personal impact and an impact on revenue.”  

About Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events is an innovative marketing and consulting services firm. Focused on events-based marketing, the firm has created a notable track record of successful campaigns that leverage a personal touch often lacking in other marketing channels. By emphasizing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Third Coast Events creates a mutually beneficial situation for its clients and their customers. This approach has empowered a broad portfolio of brands to achieve maximum market saturation and to enter new, lucrative markets.