Third Coast Events Ventures to Networking Conference

- Third Coast Events' CEO detailed a recent industry networking conference attended by the firm's branding experts. She also highlighted a few of the rewards gained from team travel.

Heading out to industry events is a common occurrence for members of Team Third Coast Events. Dana I., the company's CEO, explained, "We offer a wide range of travel incentives for our brand ambassadors. The recent networking conference in Dallas was a great opportunity for our people to learn new concepts and add seasoned industry leaders to their networks."

Those who were selected to attend the conference have proven themselves by hitting high benchmarks in recent months. The CEO stated, "Raquel P., Chris Z., Rhiannon D., Katherine P., Chris B., and Janessa were the brand ambassadors chosen for the Dallas conference. They have already begun to apply the insights they learned during the event to get closer to the next levels of their professional development. I'm excited to watch them continue growing into their full potential."

The fact that the conference was held in Dallas made it an especially attractive option for Third Coast Events. Dana added, "We're always on the lookout for travel opportunities to augment our development program, which includes paid training and ongoing education in various forms. Having such a huge conference in our home state was amazing because it allowed more of our team members to attend. Giving six brand ambassadors exposure to some of the best training our industry offers was a major coup for our organization."

Third Coast Events' CEO Discusses Benefits of Team Travel Events

Traveling with teammates offers many rewards, including an overall boost in morale. Dana commented, "When our people get away from the demands of work, they get to know each other better on a personal level. They always seem to come back to the Third Coast Events office freshly energized to tackle new challenges as a team. With greater appreciation for each other's unique talents, they collaborate more smoothly toward winning outcomes."

Attending an event such as the Dallas conference also brings renewed perspectives. "Our brand ambassadors get a better feel for the value of the work they do when they venture out to big industry gatherings," Dana noted. "They get to see the bigger picture of what our business is all about when they spend time with high achievers and influential leaders. It can be easy to lose sight of how impactful our work is, but discussing best practices and successful projects at conferences helps our people get even more motivated to do great work."

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