Third Coast Events Team Steps Up for Two Big Givebacks

The leadership of Third Coast Events, experts in on-site promotions, recently extended their talent to help two organizations in this community. These volunteer activities are part of the firm's philanthropic commitment to serve others.

Dana I., Third Coast Events’ CEO, was pleased to share that this past holiday season, the team adopted two charities to support through drives: Houston Food Bank and Sunshine Shelter. She explained that both causes are close to people’s hearts in this office.

The Houston Food Bank was selected because of their extraordinary work in serving the hungry in this community. The organization features a variety of services, from a backpack buddy, which provides children with snacks and ready-made meals for after-school hours, to boxes for seniors and much more. Many of their programs coincide with other incentives to help those in need become more self-sufficient. As a team, we collected food to be used to supplement these efforts. 

The Sunshine Shelter is near and dear to Team Third Coast Events because Sarah, one of the promotional specialists, is part of an organization that provides funding to this shelter. To assist their work, the team collected, sorted, and delivered clothing for this cause. For individuals who struggle to get basic essentials or who have been involved in a disaster or other circumstances that left them with few items in their wardrobes, having access to clothes through groups like this can be a lifesaving experience.

Third Coast Events’ CEO on Why Philanthropy Is Important to This Team

Dana was quick to point out that Third Coast Events is committed to giving back to the Houston region all year long, not just during the holidays. As she noted, she and her team routinely seek opportunities to support good causes. 

There are many considerations that are key to selecting the right charities to help. First, it needs to be a cause which everyone in the office can get behind. Buy-in is critical, especially for goods drives in which having all hands on deck is a must. Another key is ensuring the organization’s reputation within the community is solid, as the Third Coast Events name will be tied to it once they get involved.

Just like the campaigns created for brands, this team takes time to reflect on how best to serve the charities selected and then they set measurable goals for giving. This way, they know they’re creating the most impact possible. 

Dana stated that because Houston is such a large metropolitan area, the opportunities to help are endless. She and her team are already planning their next giveback effort and can’t wait to see the smiles they bring along the way.

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