Third Coast Events Supports Houston Fire Department

Team members from Third Coast Events recently took part in a philanthropic event supporting the Houston Fire Department. The firm’s Director of Operations detailed the effort and the benefits of giving to good causes. 

Giving back is a central tenet of the Third Coast Events culture. Dana I., the company’s Director of Operations, stated: “We love helping the community, so we’re always looking for new ways to support worthy causes. Recently, our associates donated their time and cooking skills to the Houston Fire Department. Our team members made dishes for a potluck-style dinner. It was a memorable occasion that gave our team a big morale boost.” 

The fire department setting was a fun and friendly one, which made the event even more rewarding. Dana remarked, “The firefighters joked with our team members, talking about pranks they play on each other. We were impressed by how they’re really a family unit, which is also how we see ourselves around Third Coast Events HQ. The firefighters appreciated the time we took to provide a delicious meal for them, but we enjoyed the experience more than they probably realized.” 

Team members also learned about the daily tasks these heroes carry out each day to protect the city. The Director added, “There was one point when the alarm sounded and all the firefighters dropped their food mid-bite and rushed out the door. It was impressive to see how dedicated they are to doing their jobs.”

Third Coast Events’ Director on How Giving Back Benefits a Company

Dana knows the firm’s associates get a rewarding feeling from lending their time to community causes. She also understands that there are commercial benefits to be gained by giving back. “Supporting the community further builds our reputation as a respected industry leader,” she stated. “I believe people want to do business with companies that show strong social awareness. We create goodwill for Third Coast Events every time we take part in a charitable pursuit.” 

There are also significant networking benefits that come with giveback events. Dana commented, “We get to interact with all types of influencers through our philanthropic activities. Whether they’re business figures, community leaders, or public servants, we make the most of the connections we build through giving.” 

Supporting worthy causes also bolsters recruiting efforts. The Director commented, “Jobseekers want to work for companies that make positive impacts on the world. Combined with our supportive work atmosphere, our commitment to giving makes Third Coast Events an especially attractive destination.” 

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