Third Coast Events Networked With Leaders in Punta Cana

Several Third Coast Events associates recently attended an all-inclusive conference with other industry leaders in the Dominican Republic. Dana I., the company Owner, stated that the trip was a great learning opportunity.

Every year, sales and marketing professionals gather for a tropical retreat, said Dana. This year, Taylor W., Tania F., and Julius W. helped represent Third Coast Events at the function, which took place in Punta Cana. Dana indicated that they were chosen because they are core team members who are truly dedicated to the company’s success.

“This event is always a great chance to get caught up on the industry,” she explained. “Everyone there is a leader with innovative ideas. So, we always send team members who will truly benefit from those networking opportunities. These three people behave and think like owners. They are committed to our success as a group. So, I knew they would gain a lot from attending.”

The event took place at the Hard Rock Hotel. It involved socializing with professionals from other sales and marketing companies from around the country. There were also experts in various aspects of business sharing their ideas. Additionally, the group from Third Coast Events got to relax and have fun in the sun.

"There was even an award ceremony that showcased entrepreneurial success and people simply doing what they are passionate about,” Dana added. “The goal of this trip was to relax, have fun, network in a genuine atmosphere, and get a raw perspective of who and what this industry is made of. Building true relationships is important and this trip definitely allowed for that opportunity."

Third Coast Events’ Director Discusses Team Building and Travel

Beyond networking and having fun, the trip also gave the Third Coast Events associates a chance for some team building, Dana continued. Traveling together is an excellent way to build trust and get to know each other outside the office, she asserted.

“Team building is perhaps the most important investment a leader can make,” Dana said. “It builds trust and causes smoother communication. In short, it allows professionals to work together more seamlessly. Progress in today’s business world is largely achieved through talented people collaborating. So, leaders should empower that with team building.”

She indicated that the shared experience of learning together as well as having some fun contributed to a strong team environment. “Traveling simply gives us ways to see each other in new lights. When you more fully know your peers, it is easier to work as a group. Trips like this recent conference are so valuable because of what they offer us as a team.”

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