Third Coast Events, Inc. Travels Widely Amid Rapid Growth

The Director of Operations at Third Coast Events, Inc. detailed a few recent travel events and the company's continuing growth. She also highlighted plans for giving back during the holiday season.

Traveling is a big part of the Third Coast Events, Inc. developmental strategy, and the firm’s associates have even hit the road to train others. Dana, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Our people have been going above and beyond over the past year to achieve great results. With everything they have accomplished, it’s no surprise that our associates were personally requested to travel all over the California market to help other companies reach their own goals.”

These training ventures took the Third Coast Events, Inc. team to San Francisco, Monterey, and Fresno. “It was a great opportunity for our people to visit these other markets,” Dana added. “The fact that these trips were earned through consistent excellence made them even more rewarding.” The Director looks forward to similar outings for her promotional specialists in the coming months.

Third Coast Events, Inc.’s continuing prosperity has also led to new brands and campaigns. “Our newest campaign launch is already trending in a very positive direction,” the Director stated. “We will continue to monitor the results, of course, but the early returns are very consistent and promising.”

Dana reported that the firm’s success wouldn’t be possible without the help of associates who have been putting their absolute best into their everyday work. She stated, “We want to give shout-outs to Anum L., Taylor W., and most of all Julius W., who ran the office while we were out of town. Julius really stepped up to the plate, and he has a promising future with Third Coast Events, Inc.” The Director also stated that there are two promotions to the assistant manager level coming soon.

Third Coast Events, Inc. Attends Rest and Relaxation Retreat

Among the many travel incentives available to Third Coast Events, Inc. associates, rest and relaxation retreats are always the most coveted. Recently, a hand-picked group of top performers tagged along with company leaders to a Las Vegas retreat. Dana explained, “We wanted to repay everyone’s hard work with an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas.” Along with Dana, admins Robin and Sarah and campaign managers Anum L., Rudi S., and Taylor W. all made the trip.

The Director remarked, “The campaign managers were chosen based on their consistency with training and driving revenue for represented brands. All three have promising futures, and they have taken control of their careers with strong mentalities.” Dana also noted that these professionals exhibit fine leadership skills and serve as great examples for new additions to the team.

Another highlight of the retreat was Dana winning the Comeback Manager of the Year award. This year’s many accomplishments, including promotions, excellent revenue, and the hiring of key players turned Third Coast Events, Inc. into a juggernaut.

Third Coast Events, Inc. Plans to Give Back This Holiday Season

“Seeing how far we have come, we will always remember the importance of getting involved for the holidays,” Dana stated. “We are making it a goal to participate in Thanksgiving events, whether it’s through donations or participating in a parade. For Christmas, we are excited to take part in a toy drive. We did it last year, and everyone had a chance to get involved and make the season brighter for children in need.” The Director is ready for the rewarding feeling of giving back to spread throughout the Third Coast Events, Inc. office.

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