Third Coast Events, Inc. to Finish 2015 as Best Year Yet

As 2015 heads toward completion, the team at Third Coast Events, Inc. is busy finishing up a successful year. At the same time, managers say everyone at the firm is preparing for a productive 2016.

“We’re all excited to be on track to meet our year-end goals,” stated Dana, Third Coast Events, Inc.’s director. “This is a testament to our team’s efforts throughout the year.”

According to Dana, the strategy at Third Coast Events, Inc. is to track progress throughout the year. “We begin with projected goals we anticipate attaining,” she shared. “Then we break them into team-based and individual goals. Everything has a metric assigned to it so it’s easy to measure our progress frequently.”

“We use real-time reporting, which allows us to respond quickly to market changes,” Dana added. “This way, we’re able to optimize campaigns quickly and ensure maximum results are obtained. We analyze this data for next year’s forecast as well. This way, we’ll know what resources we need to gather before 2016 begins.”

The team is continually working toward goal attainment, so there are few surprises come December. “Achieving your end-of-year objectives is a cake walk, but only if you’ve been following your efforts throughout the year,” Dana acknowledged. “You’ll never see us arrive at the fourth quarter worried that the year is going to be a loss. We still have work to do, because this is our busy season. However, we’ve prepared well and I’m feeling great about our year-end close.”

Third Coast Events, Inc. Managers Discuss Productivity Tips for Holidays

As Dana noted, December is a prime month for Third Coast Events, Inc. Therefore, the managers put extra effort into motivating their teams to stay productive. “Minds start to roam this time of year,” she explained. “Everyone is mentally gearing up for the holidays, but there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done.”

“We start planning vacation time early, to ensure we have adequate coverage to properly serve the brands we represent,” she added. “We also encourage our team members to cross-train each other on their respective campaigns. This way, when one person is on vacation, another associate has the knowledge needed to fill in.”

Celebrating the holidays is equally important, Dana shared. “We do step up our activities to incorporate seasonal aspects,” she noted. “We have fun in-office events, like cookie and gift exchanges, as well as a special team night. It boosts spirits and helps ensure productivity, too.”

“From our team to yours, we wish you season’s greetings,” Dana concluded. “May your 2016 be bright!”

About Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events is an innovative marketing and consulting services firm. Focused on events-based marketing, the firm has created a notable track record of successful campaigns that leverage a personal touch often lacking in other marketing channels. By emphasizing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Third Coast Events creates a mutually beneficial situation for its clients and their customers. This approach has empowered a broad portfolio of brands to achieve maximum market saturation and to enter new, lucrative markets.