Third Coast Events, Inc. Pursues Professional Growth

​The Third Coast Events, Inc. Director of Operations discussed networking and learning opportunities available to her associates. She also expanded on the benefits of networking.

“There are all sorts of exciting growth opportunities available at Third Coast Events, Inc.,” said Dana, the company’s Director of Operations. “The latest event in Dallas, Texas is the perfect example. Tania F., Kelli Y., and Gus O. have shown exemplary performances, so they were invited to attend the industry conference there.”

Dana indicated that the function was a great chance for the associates to build on the impressive professional base they already have. “The fundamentals of leadership and networking are the main skills I really wanted them to hone while in Dallas,” she stated. “I definitely think that because of their already outstanding work ethic, they will have no problem applying those new skills in the future.”

According to Dana, Tania, Kelli, and Gus returned to the Third Coast Events, Inc. headquarters full of new insights and information to share with their peers. Their energy and positivity are contagious and the whole office is revitalized as a result.

Third Coast Events, Inc. Director Shares Networking Advice

“Networking is possibly the most valuable feature of the events we attend,” continued Dana. Before the Third Coast Events, Inc. team departs for any sort of gathering, I review some of the simplest and most effective relationship-building strategies. I want them to maximize their efforts because every meaningful connection yields great opportunities down the road.”

One piece of advice Dana shares with her colleagues is to always be ready. She pointed out that personal connections cannot be forced. No real bonds result from generic interactions. Instead, people must be prepared to launch into conversation whenever the right individuals cross their paths. When mutually beneficial contacts are made, the company Director suggests that the parties involved take notes. Jotting down relevant details helps them match names, faces, and other important points during the follow-up phase.

“I also remind my colleagues to be strategic when posing questions to others,” Dana concluded. “It’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid run-of-the-mill questions that don’t invite people to open up or invest in any type of in-depth conversation. I suggest inquiries that (within reason) catch others off guard. This way, they really have to think about their responses and you can be sure of their authenticity. In addition to being prepared, taking notes, and asking strategic questions, networking is a matter of listening. When you listen attentively to what others say, they remember you fondly for it!”

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