Third Coast Events, Inc. Fosters Growth Using Training

The Third Coast Events, Inc. team is growing the firm using a comprehensive training and team-building plan. Dana, the company Director, indicated that this investment in her associates is already paying off.

​To make sure her team has everything needed to succeed, Dana has made skill development a top priority. Third Coast Events, Inc.’s team members have established names for themselves thanks to their creative and effective promotional techniques. However, according to Dana, they need to keep improving themselves to keep up a high rate of growth.

“Building a great business means developing a great team,” she said. “We have already been successful in attracting talented people; however, we can’t be content with what we have already accomplished. I believe continual learning is necessary to stay at the front of our field.”

Dana stated that she has been working to enhance a variety of aspects of the firm, including leadership at all levels, strategic growth, and cultural values. Along with other veteran team members, she will be mentoring many of the firm’s less-experienced associates. She expects that this will help strengthen the team, creating a foundation for future growth.

Third Coast Events, Inc.’s Director Reveals Team-Building Techniques

Another major component of the Third Coast Events, Inc. growth strategy is an initiative to foster further collaboration between team members. Dana announced that her colleagues will be operating several team-building workshops, such as a series of lunch-and-learns.

“I believe strongly in group learning,” she said. “It is really important that we all understand each other and our unique roles in the business. The best way to accomplish this is to have associates teach each other, including those on different teams. This provides a great opportunity for honing leadership skills while also making the training sessions a lot more personal.”

She added that she has been taking the Third Coast Events, Inc. team out of the office regularly. Events such as happy hours, bowling, and team dinners provide opportunities for associates to get to know each other in a more relaxed context. As part of this plan, Dana and her team will be volunteering with several local nonprofits.

“Giving back is an excellent way to build team cohesion,” she asserted. “There is nothing like supporting the community to give everyone a sense of unity. All these efforts combined are helping us perform better as an organization. It is a big investment in the people of this company, but the returns have already been significant.”

About Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events is an innovative marketing and consulting services firm. Focused on events-based marketing, the firm has created a notable track record of successful campaigns that leverage a personal touch often lacking in other marketing channels. By emphasizing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Third Coast Events creates a mutually beneficial situation for its clients and their customers. This approach has empowered a broad portfolio of brands to achieve maximum market saturation and to enter new, lucrative markets.