Third Coast Events Focus Plans on Successful 2018

The Director of Operations for Third Coast Events outlined the firm's biggest wins of 2017 and ambitious plans for the year to come. She also shared her best tips for setting aggressive goals.

It’s been a memorable year for Third Coast Events, both for successful expansion and for the disastrous effects of Hurricane Harvey. Dana I., the firm’s Director of Operations, believes her team has come through the experiences stronger than ever. She explained, “This has been the year of the comeback, with Houston Strong becoming our local rallying cry. We accomplished a lot, but we’re even more excited about what 2018 has in store for us and our city.”

Among the Third Coast Events highlights for 2017 was an all-expenses-paid trip to a Punta Cana R&R event. Team members also attended several national conferences, including a highly beneficial one in Dallas. Remarkable growth has also been achieved. Dana stated, “We have doubled our office in size and expanded within our industry. Our people also traveled to Washington state, Florida, and California, bringing valuable insights back with them each time.”

By coming together in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and strengthening the firm’s commitment to philanthropy, the Director believes her team is better equipped for lasting success. She remarked, “I feel like 2017 was a year of investment for Third Coast Events, and 2018 is the year of the harvest. It’s our fourth year in business, so the fruits of our labor are really starting to emerge. We plan to expand into five new markets to keep the positive momentum going.”

Third Coast Events’ Director of Operations Offers Goal-Setting Tips

One reason for Third Coast Events’ continuing success is the strong emphasis on goal setting throughout the office. Dana explained, “We recognize that keeping up with the competition isn’t enough; we have to challenge ourselves to go beyond our skill sets if we want to stay ahead. By setting the bar higher with every new project, we keep reaching new heights of excellence.”

The Director believes clarity is an essential element of effective goal setting. She stated, “When our team members have well-defined objectives in place, they’re better able to track their progress. That means they can also make meaningful adjustments to accelerate their achievement.”

Getting feedback also helps members of Team Third Coast Events reach their aggressive goals. “Our promotional experts share their aspirations with each other because they know they will receive honest feedback as they pursue them. There’s a healthy spirit of competition and shared support throughout our team as a result.”

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