Third Coast Events Combines Travel With Coaching

Third Coast Events' CEO detailed a recent business meeting attended by several of the firm's top leaders. She also discussed how travel opportunities help the company's professionals gain valuable experience.

Dallas was the scene of a recent industry gathering that offered significant developmental value for members of Team Third Coast Events. Dana I., the company CEO, explained, “This meeting was an ideal chance for our team members to network with influential leaders and sharpen their skills at the same time. Those who attended were Sarah, Evan E., Gloria L., Tashina C., Linea V., Kayla M., Tolu L., and Carolina H.”

The team members Dana selected for the Dallas meeting are the newest top leaders at Third Coast Events. “Surrounding yourself with highly accomplished people is the best way to improve,” the CEO remarked. “At events like the one in Dallas, that’s exactly what our promotional specialists are able to do. They return to the office more inspired than ever to tackle new challenges.”

Discussing best practices and emerging techniques with industry innovators is an ideal way for professionals to refine their approaches. Along with this invaluable type of learning, those who attended the Dallas meeting also added helpful contacts to their networks. Dana added, “Our team members became better connected by venturing out to the Dallas event. They have new sources of trusted advice who can also open the door to unexpected opportunities in the future.”

Third Coast Events’ CEO on the Developmental Value of Business Travel

Travel opportunities are prime incentives for Third Coast Events branding experts. The CEO commented, “Our people compete with each other to earn all types of travel rewards. They grow closer through these experiences, but they also gain invaluable insights by spending time with other high achievers from our industry. They discuss best practices and innovative promotional methods as they spread the word about our company’s on-site sales promotions.”

Dana also discussed how traveling builds confidence for professionals. She stated, “Our team members broaden their horizons in various ways when they hit the road together. Learning new insights and making valuable connections are rewards in themselves, but our people also become more adaptable when they travel. They learn to deal with abrupt schedule changes and other unforeseen events. When they return to the Third Coast Events office, they’re better equipped to confidently deal with shifting market trends and changing customer needs.”

About Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events is an innovative marketing and consulting services firm. Focused on events-based marketing, the firm has created a notable track record of successful campaigns that leverage a personal touch often lacking in other marketing channels. By emphasizing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Third Coast Events creates a mutually beneficial situation for its clients and their customers. This approach has empowered a broad portfolio of brands to achieve maximum market saturation and to enter new, lucrative markets. Visit to learn more.

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