Third Coast Events' CEO Touted as Powerful Leader

Third Coast Events' CEO discussed a recent R&R trip during which she won a prestigious industry award. She also outlined a few key benefits of recognizing people for their excellent performance.

Members of Team Third Coast Events enjoy an annual R&R trip, with this year’s excursion taking the firm’s brand experts to Las Vegas. The 2018 getaway was an especially memorable occasion, though, as Dana I., the firm’s CEO, took home a prestigious award. She has two remarkable attributes that put her in position to win the Manager of the Year award: her tenacity and her ability to interact with everyone.

A representative from the firm’s management team explained, “Whenever Dana sets her mind to something, she’s going to do it regardless of any internal or external obstacles. For instance, when Hurricane Harvey hit, even that couldn’t hinder her tenacity. Challenges don’t seem to stop Dana, and nothing that goes wrong makes her want to quit. She just has the natural ability to connect with and manage people. Everyone, whether or not they’re on Dana’s team, learns from her. She brings out the best in people and we couldn’t be luckier to have her as our mentor and friend.”

Dana’s receipt of the Manager of the Year award in Vegas is the perfect way to build momentum for the rest of the fourth quarter and beyond. The firm’s brand experts are working toward ambitious growth goals. Dana’s prestigious honor provides a confidence boost for the entire team to keep pushing forward into a successful 2019.

Third Coast Events CEO on the Power of Recognition

Dana has always believed in the importance of acknowledging standout performers, which makes her recent award especially appropriate. She explained that professionals who know their efforts are valued tend to be much more engaged in their work. Productivity remains high around the Third Coast Events office because the firm’s brand experts know they’ll be rewarded for their dedication. From public words of appreciation to unique travel incentives, team members can earn recognition in many forms.

Being recognized for excellent work also helps build an atmosphere of trust. The Third Coast Events team culture is a supportive one in which people can reach their full potential. A big part of this inspiring environment is that big achievements and minor milestones are highlighted. The firm’s merit-based approach to career advancement further amplifies the level of motivation for its brand experts.

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