Third Coast Events Celebrates Five Successful Years

Third Coast Events' CEO discussed the firm's five-year anniversary celebrations. She also highlighted a few of the best strategies for recognizing major business milestones and team achievements.

It’s been an exciting time around the Third Coast Events office, as team members celebrated the firm’s five-year anniversary with a memorable in-office party on June 17. Dana, the company’s CEO, explained that the original plan was to honor the occasion with a barbecue. However, bad weather caused the celebration to move indoors. The CEO noted that this didn’t dampen the mood among team members, who reflected on past successes and discussed plans for even bigger wins in the future.

Dana added that there are still plans for an anniversary barbecue. She explained that shirts will be made for the event, which will also feature pool games and plenty of great food. This is in keeping with the Third Coast Events commitment to team building. Dana stated that the firm’s brand experts enjoy each other’s company for a variety of morale-boosting activities throughout the year. A midsummer party will be the ideal chance for team members to unwind and recharge their batteries for the second half of 2019.

Taking time to highlight major anniversaries is one of the best ways to remind team members of how important their efforts are. People get the chance to reflect on their own contributions when a big company milestone is marked. Team members also get reminded of how much they’ve helped each other along the way, which sets up even stronger collaboration going forward. The positive vibes created during an anniversary party tend to linger in a workplace for quite a while. Dana added that the firm’s brand experts are already excited for the next big Third Coast Events milestone.

Third Coast Events’ CEO Shares Tips for Celebrating Workplace Milestones

Coming together to celebrate achievements can inspire teams to do even better in the future. Dana believes in highlighting both individual success stories and company wins as a team. She noted that seeing the collective value of their teamwork motivates the firm’s brand experts to take their games to higher levels.

Dana also believes in getting as specific as possible when marking a milestone. This goes for both larger company achievements and individual victories. She explained that the idea is to encourage the behaviors that fuel positive outcomes. The CEO remarked that specific and personalized gratitude has been a key factor in Third Coast Events’ ongoing growth. 

About Third Coast Events:
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