Third Coast Events Associates Attend Conference

A contingent from Third Coast Events recently attended a company conference in Dallas. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the event, how team members will apply what they learned, and the benefits of business travel.

Brad F., Zach S., and Tyler W. represented Third Coast Events at a conference in Dallas. They were selected to go because they are strong team players who have been going the extra mile to accomplish their goals. Dana I., the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “These individuals treat the business as if it were their own and consistently go above and beyond. I know from attending this conference that each one of them gained invaluable networking skills that will benefit their careers.”

Industry gatherings such as the Dallas conference bring talented people from all corners of the country together. This leads to an open exchange of best practices and insights on emerging marketing techniques. The new contacts made by Brad, Zach, and Tyler will also open unexpected doors for future Third Coast Events opportunities. Dana commented, “Network connections sometimes pay off far down the line. Our people are adept at following up and staying in touch with their contacts, so I have no doubt that our firm will benefit in the long run.”

Third Coast Events’ Director on the Developmental Benefits of Business Travel

The immersive Third Coast Events training approach gets a boost from travel events. “We give new additions to our team the chance to gain real-world experience in a range of roles,” Dana stated. “I like to send our newest associates to industry functions because it gives them further opportunities to apply the communication and marketing skills they learn in our training system. They get to interact with consumers and sharpen their pitching abilities as well.” 

Third Coast Events associates also enhance their adaptability through traveling. The Director remarked, “There are typically some unforeseen changes throughout the course of a business trip. Whether it’s about transportation, event itineraries, or hotel arrangements, our people learn to think on their feet and adjust to shifting circumstances. This pays off back at the office because we work hard to keep up with changing customer needs and market trends. It’s helpful to have team members who are experienced in finding alternative solutions when they’re really needed.” 

Dana also believes in the value of experiencing everything a new place has to offer. She explained, “By visiting restaurants, museums, and other attractions, our people get to broaden their horizons during every trip. They learn a lot besides networking skills and marketing techniques.”

About Third Coast Events:

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